Week 20 February 12, 2016

This is the week of Valentines!!! I was so impressed by the law of Giving!! GIVE more GET more!! And “bring a gift to every encounter” as we have learned about in the course.  It has been easy to give hugs, smiles, cards, hearts and gifts this week as many are in the mood of LOVE due to the holiday.  I have seen how excited I have gotten to give people gifts in my family and outside of my family. I have sent cards, given cards, given gifts, and given lots of hugs. And what I have seen has been so beautiful!!!!! I have seen soooo many more smiles and excitement in others, but I have also noticed how excited I have been to see their excitement and gratitude in recieving the gift, card or hug. Truly give more get more is an absolute law! And I have LOVED getting the opportunity to see it expressed abundantly in my life this week!!!!! It is like the love, joy, smile vibration is amplified to the infinite degree!! I LOVE it!!!!!


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